Our mission is to maintain our position as a premier regional roofing company with an excellent reputation; to continue with a positive work environment thereby promoting the Ray Cyr camaraderie; and to remain focused on our most valuable commodity --service

We have developed a highly-skilled corps of managers who provide quality services, recommending the best solution to the roofing needs of the community that will give maximum return on dollars invested.

Our production force is skilled at installing high-quality roofing materials with minimal interference to our clients' daily operation. Our clients think our combination of quality, coordination, communication and heart is what sets us apart from our competition.

Everyone from helpers in the field to the management team, works in close cooperation. Weekly meetings are conducted to measure production and compare results. The camaraderie that has resulted is a major determining factor in maintaining the good reputation within the property management and consultant community that our company enjoys.

"A well trained dependable staff ensures maximum production while maintaining quality and safety standards on every job regardless of size," says Pierre. "Some of our staff have been with the company for over 30 years. The guys have created a good name for themselves and we are proud that they work with us."

Ray Cyr Roofing... Knowledge - Experience - Ability - Service

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